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Moringa Benefits

The simple truth is Moringa Leaves are nutrient rich. Moringa Leaf Powder is potent and has an Amazing Power to rejuvenate!

Metabolism Boost
, Detoxes,  Fights Diseases,
Helps with Diabetes, Improves Overall Health

Increases Vitality, Balances Blood Pressure
Speeds Recovery, Rejuvenates &
Maximizes Energy


Customer Observations

People have noticed a number of health benefits when adding premium Egyptian Renew Moringa to their diet. A few are listed below:

  • Anti-Aging & Rejuvenating

  • Weight Management support,

  • Improvements with major illnesses

  • Improvement with Issues affecting: insulin or blood sugar levels, abnormal cell growth in the body, inflammation, soreness, tumors, skin conditions, prostate enlargement, high cholesterol, bone deficiencies, liver detox,

  • Increased physical energy, increased stamina, muscle strength, vitality

  • Mental and emotional balance, freedom from depression and anxiety

  • Faster recovery after workout and physical strain

  • Improvement with diabetes

  • Improved sensory perception, memory

  • Improvement with blood pressure

  • Improved vision

  • More restful sleep

  • More youthful radiant skin & beautiful stronger hair




Quality Guaranteed!
Egyptian RenewTM is a trusted brand known for uncompromising quality products. We get it -- when it comes to your health and fitness you deserve the best.

To that end, our moringa leaf powder is
premium and sustainably sourced. Organically grown natually & pesticide free in rich. fertile African & Equadorian soil. Non GMO, Vegan, No Additives. Available in  convenient ready to eat servings.

Benefit from the Best Moringa!



Testimonials / Reviews

"I’ve been working out, trying to eat right but could not get past the plateau. I added Egyptian Renew to my food and lost weight the first week. No more plateau." Ericka. OH

"I noticed increased energy right away" Anthony"My skin seems to glow and I notice a sense of calm. Meaning stress doesn't get to me as much." Joyce C."I take it daily and actually have lost weight. Was working out before. the weight is coming off much better." Louise, MI

"The energy I got from the product was steady --- nothing like you get from caffeine -- and there was no let down like you get from caffeine." LJames, NY

"I find that taking it once a day is enough for me. I'm sleeping better. I feel relaxed and energetic. It is definitely providing me with something I needed." Craig, MI

I added egyptian renew to my smoothies for a week and lost weight without even exercising or dieting! Now that’s amazing for me – because I occasionally binge on fast food.” Jay.O, GA

"My shoulder was sore and stressed due to weight lifting. This went on for 3 months. I couldn't do my routine without pain. After one week of Egyptian Renew I was able to resume my weight training." James, FL

"Egyptian Renew has transformed the relationship I have with my sense of well being. I have been able to tap into energy reserves that I have not previously known were present. Exercise, work and play have become renewed experiences. I highly recommend this product for everyone." Dr. J. Bobo, CA

"Egyptian Renew keeps my blood level balanced. It's a great product for people who are diabetic or pre diabetic .. I think it is key for them" Sequoia, CA

"During a routine doctors visit my doctor told me she had never seen my blood pressure so good. The only thing I have done differently was add Egyptian Renew Moringa to my meals each day. I was very happy with the news." Joyce L., MI

"Fighting the belly fat for a while. I go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Yes I have a sweet tooth. But I doubled up on my servings of Egyptian Renew and was amazed at how quickly my waist slimmed down." El Rod, NY

"Wow this stuff really works. I noticed more energy the first week and what was important for me I started sleeping better at night." Greg S, MA

"I have 3 times the energy I had before. I noticed this the first week! What really got me was the improvement with my high blood pressure after the second week. Now this is something!" Mary C., MI

"I been dealing with diabetis for a couple years. On different meds. But my numbers were still high. I changed my eating habits, but still high numbers. After 7 days of taking moringa my numbers dropped lower than I've seen them in a year. I was shocked" Jackie M., CA

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